• { Yulong River Bamboo Rafting & Big Banyan Tree }

Drift down the Yulong River to Gongnong Bridge

Arrangements:Choose your bike from the hotel and ride in about 40 minutes with a local guide to the Chaoyang dock. Here we get on the raft. The bicycles will be put on the back of the raft or be sent by truck to the arrival destination at Gongnong Bridge. This part of the Yulong River is closer to the hotel, but usually has more tourists. The rafting trip lasts somewhere besteen sixty and ninety minutes, depending on crowds and current. At Gongnong Bridge you can easily ride your bike back to the hotel. After a few hundred meters you pass by the Big Banyan Tree. Your local guide will take you in to have a look. A few minutes more and you will be back at Moondance.

Transfer: Hotel?(bike)?Chaoyang?(rafting)?Gongnong Bridge?(bike)?Hotel
Included: Bicycle, Bamboo Raft, Banyan Tree and Local Guide
Suggested Departure Time: 9:00 or 15:00
Popularity index: ?????
Customer satisfaction: ?????
Total Time of the trip: ca. 3 hours
Other: Children under 3 free of charge; No discount for older children