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Enjoy a whole day with history and culture

Arrangements:We depart from Moondance by private car and will reach Fuli Bridge within half an hour. You can choose to visit the Yulong Bridge as well, but note that this bridge has more tourists than the quiet Fuli Bridge. We get back in the car and drive over rural roads towards the Seven Star Tea Plantation. Beautifully set in the higher hills of Yangshuo we can walk through the lines of tea plants.We can feel, smell, taste and even pick the tea leaves ourselves. After the lunch we will move on the Xianggong Mountain for a spectacular view of the Li River. (the viewing point involves a bit of a climb, but is definitely worth the effort). The next stop is Stone Village. If the time allows it, and the weather is in your favour, ask the guide to see the sunset from the Putao viewing point.
NB: This tour is also suitable for rainy days.

Transfer: Hotel ? Fuli Bridge ? Tea Plantation ? Xianggong Hill ? Stone Village ? Hotel
Included: Private taxi transfer, Lunch (drinks excluded), Local Guide, Entrance Tickets
Suggested Departure Time: 9:30
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