Hike through valleys rarely touched by tourists

Arrangements:With a private taxi our local guide will take you to Zhongnan Village which is about an hour drive away from here. We start our hike from this small traditional village. The first hour of this trip we hike on a gravel road which has a comfortable width. The road goes up into the mountains slowly but isn?t steep. We hike through ancient villages and beautiful valleys. After a couple of hours we get a magnificent view of the Li River and adjacent Karst Mountains. We work our way down to the riverbank, have lunch, and hike about 60 minutes along the river before reaching Nine Horse Fresco Hill. Here we cross the river with the Ferry and our driver will take you to Xing Ping Town. Have a rest in one of the café?s, stroll though Old Street and forty minutes later you?ll be back at Moondance.

Transfer: Hotel (car) ? Zhongnan (walk) ? Xingping (car) ? Hotel
Included: Private taxi transfer, Boat Ferry, Local Guide, Lunch, Water bottle
Suggested Departure Time: 8:00
Popularity index: ?????
Customer satisfaction: ?????
Other: Nearly four hours of hiking. Booking in advance necessary!
Difficulty: 3 out of 5