Famous show on the River by Director Zhang Yimou

Arrangements:A 75 minutes performance on the Li River with more than 600 actors and actresses from the neighbouring villages. The story entails the famous third sister of the Liu family who fell in love with Brother A Niu under the ancient Banyan Tree. The show is an artistic translation of the story which combines local elements and modern choreography. A must-see in Yangshuo. Ask the reception about availability for different times of performance. During the high season there can be up to three shows every night. Moondance recommends her guests to choose the B2 seat for guaranteed great views of the spectacle.Children under 1.20m can enter for free
Children between 1.20-1.40m can go in for half price

Transport: From Moondance to the show and back
Suggested Departure Time: 18:45 or 20:30
Popularity index: ?????
Customer satisfaction: ?????