Drift down the Yulong River from Jinlong Bridge to Jiuxian Village

Arrangements:Take a taxi from the hotel, and after about thirty minutes you will arrive at the Jinlong
Bridge where you start your Rafting trip. This location is way upstream and therefore less crowded. The bamboo boat is narrow and there are only two seats in one boat. Just like in Venice, the boatman uses his bamboo-pole to control the direction and speed of the raft. Float slowly down the Yulong in about two hours and enjoy stunning views on both sides of the river. One of the first sights is the 700 year old Yulong Bridge, recognizable by its Moon-shaped curve. After that you can walk to Jiuxian village to have a look at the old buildings in the village and enjoy a local lunch. The driver will meet you again and take you back to the hotel.

Transfer: Hotel?(car)?Jinlong Bridge?(Rafting)?Jiuxian Village?(car) ?Hotel
Included: Private taxi, Bamboo Raft, Local guide and Lunch (drinks excluded)
Suggested Departure Time: 9:00 AM
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Customer satisfaction: ?????
Total Time of the trip: ca. 4 hours
Other: Children under 3 free of charge; No discount for older children